About the artist

Earle Thurber North Scituate, Rhode Island


  • Architecture Studies, Roger Williams College
  • Art AND Architecture Studies, University of Kentucky
  • Painting Assistant, John Strickland
  • BA University of Rhode Island
  • MA University of Hartford
  • Independent Study RISDI
  • MSW Rhode Island College


  • 2004-2011 Artist Open Studios
  • 2009 Grove, NYC
  • 2007 Project Space, Providence
  • 2007 Fine Furnishings Providence
  • 2006 TF Green Airport
  • 2006 Atruim Group Show
  • 2005 Fine Furnishings Providence
  • 2002 Artist Open Studios
  • 2001 Foster Foundation for the Arts
  • 2000 AS220, Providence
  • 1999 The Waiting Room Gallery, Providence


  • Providence Journal 12/28/2000
  • The Observer 11/21/2002


My paintings grow from a life long fascination with art, psychology, and design, and in many ways are an integration of all three areas of interest. The work is constructed of layers of color and form, "free associations" that are subsequently refined through a more conscious design process. My technique is highly process oriented, a discovery process through which I'm drawn by color associations, relationships of forms that evolve, and a building sense of complexity of visual interaction.
As I work, I struggle with a dialogue and tension between opposites:

clarity vs. ambiguity;
control vs. spontaneity;
chaos vs. order;
form vs. formlessness;
intuition vs. thought;
destruction vs. creation.